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ZWARNING: Warnings for SDSS spectra

Spectra with zWarning equal to zero have no known problems. If MANY_OUTLIERS is set, that usually indicates a high signal-to-noise spectrum or broad emission lines in a galaxy; that is, MANY_OUTLIERS only rarely signifies a real error.

Bit name Binary digit Description
SKY 0 sky fiber
LITTLE_COVERAGE 1 too little wavelength coverage (WCOVERAGE < 0.18)
SMALL_DELTA_CHI2 2 chi-squared of best fit is too close to that of second best (< 0.01 in reduced chi-squared)
NEGATIVE_MODEL 3 synthetic spectrum is negative (only set for stars and QSOs)
MANY_OUTLIERS 4 fraction of points more than 5 sigma away from best model is too large (> 0.05)
Z_FITLIMIT 5 chi-squared minimum at edge of the redshift fitting range (Z_ERR set to -1)
NEGATIVE_EMISSION 6 a QSO line exhibits negative emission, triggered only in QSO spectra, if C_IV, C_III, Mg_II, H_beta, or H_alpha has LINEAREA + 3 * LINEAREA_ERR < 0
UNPLUGGED 7 the fiber was unplugged, so no spectrum obtained