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APOGEE_TARGET1: 1/2 APOGEE target bits (New for DR10)

Bit name Binary digit Description
APOGEE_FAINT 0 Star selected in faint bin of cohort
APOGEE_MEDIUM 1 Star selected in medium bin of cohort
APOGEE_BRIGHT 2 Star selected in bright bin of cohort
APOGEE_IRAC_DERED 3 Star selected using RJCE-IRAC dereddening
APOGEE_WISE_DERED 4 Star selected using RJCE-WISE dereddening
APOGEE_SFD_DERED 5 Selected using SFD E(B-V) dereddening
APOGEE_NO_DERED 6 Star selected using no dereddening
APOGEE_WASH_GIANT 7 Selected as giant star via Washington+DDO51 photometry
APOGEE_WASH_DWARF 8 Selected as dwarf star via Washington+DDO51 photometry
APOGEE_SCI_CLUSTER 9 Probable stellar cluster member
APOGEE_EXTENDED 10 Extended object
APOGEE_SHORT 11 Short cohort target star
APOGEE_INTERMEDIATE 12 Intermediate cohort target star
APOGEE_LONG 13 Long cohort target star
--- 14 ---
APOGEE_SERENDIPITOUS 15 Serendipitous interesting target to reobserve
APOGEE_FIRST_LIGHT 16 "First Light" cluster target
APOGEE_ANCILLARY 17 An ancillary program target (particular program specified in other bits, see below)
APOGEE_M31_CLUSTER 18 M31 cluster target (ancillary)
APOGEE_MDWARF 19 M dwarf star selected for RV/metallicity program (ancillary)
APOGEE_HIRES 20 Star with optical hi-res spectra (ancillary)
APOGEE_OLD_STAR 21 Selected as old star (ancillary)
APOGEE_DISK_RED_GIANT 22 Disk red giant star (ancillary)
APOGEE_KEPLER_EB 23 Eclipsing binary star from Kepler (ancillary)
APOGEE_GC_PAL1 24 Star in Pal1 globular cluster (ancillary)
APOGEE_MASSIVE_STAR 25 Massive star (ancillary)
APOGEE_SGR_DSPH 26 Sagittarius dwarf galaxy member
APOGEE_KEPLER_SEISMO 27 Kepler astroseismology program target star
APOGEE_KEPLER_HOST 28 Kepler planet-host program target star
APOGEE_FAINT_EXTRA 29 Selected as faint target for low target density field
APOGEE_SEGUE_OVERLAP 30 Selected because of overlap with SEGUE survey
APOGEE_CHECKED 31 This object was checked for APOGEE target selection.