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BOSSTILE_STATUS: BOSS tiling code status bits

Bit name Binary digit Description
TILED 0 assigned a fiber
NAKED 1 not in area covered by tiles
BOSSTARGET 2 in the high priority set of targets
DECOLLIDED 3 in the decollided set of high priority
ANCILLARY 4 in the lower priority, ancillary set
POSSIBLE_KNOCKOUT 5 knocked out of at least one tile by BOSSTARGET
IGNORE_PRIORITY 6 priority exceeds max (ANCILLARY only)
TOOBRIGHT 7 fibermag too bright
BLUEFIBER 8 allocate this object a blue fiber
CENTERPOST 9 92 arcsec collision with center post
REPEAT 10 included on more than one tile
FILLER 11 was a filler (not normal repeat)
NOT_TILED_TARGET 12 though in input file, not a tiled target
OUT_OF_BOUNDS 13 outside bounds for this sort of target (for restricted QSO geometry, e.g.)
PREVIOUS_CHUNK 15 included because not tiled in previous overlapping chunk
KNOWN_OBJECT 16 galaxy has known redshift
DUPLICATE 17 trimmed as a duplicate object (only checked if not trimmed for any other reason)
DUPLICATE_PRIMARY 18 has associated duplicate object that were trimmed (but this one is kept)
DUPLICATE_TILED 19 trimmed as a duplicate object, and its primary was tiled
TOOFAINT 20 trimmed because it was fainter than the ifiber2mag limit
SUPPLEMENTARY 21 supplementary targets tiles after the ancillaries (subset of ancillaries)