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CALIB_STATUS: Calibration status for an SDSS image

In the flat files there are arrays of length five for each band calib_status[5] ordered u,g,r,i,z. In the CAS these are named by band pass calibstatus_{band}.

Bit name Binary digit Description
PHOTOMETRIC 0 Photometric observations
UNPHOT_OVERLAP 1 Unphotometric observations, calibrated based on overlaps with clear, ubercalibrated data; done on a field-by-field basis. Use with caution.
UNPHOT_EXTRAP_CLEAR 2 Extrapolate the solution from the clear part of a night (that was ubercalibrated) to the cloudy part. Not recommended for use.
UNPHOT_EXTRAP_CLOUDY 3 Extrapolate the solution from a cloudy part of the night (where there is overlap) to a region of no overlap. Not recommended for use.
UNPHOT_DISJOINT 4 Data is disjoint from the rest of the survey (even though conditions may be photometric), the calibration is suspect. Not recommended for use.
INCREMENT_CALIB 5 Incrementally calibrated by considering overlaps with ubercalibrated data
RESERVED2 6 reserved for future use
RESERVED3 7 reserved for future use
PT_CLEAR 8 (INTERNAL USE ONLY in DR8 and later) PT calibration for clear data
PT_CLOUDY 9 (INTERNAL USE ONLY in DR8 and later) PT calibration for cloudy data
DEFAULT 10 (INTERNAL USE ONLY in DR8 and later) a default calibration used
NO_UBERCAL 11 (INTERNAL USE ONLY in DR8 and later) not uber-calibrated