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Primary target mask bits in SDSS-I, -II (for LEGACY_TARGET1 or PRIMTARGET).

Bit name Binary digit Description
QSO_HIZ 0 High-redshift (griz) QSO target
QSO_CAP 1 ugri-selected quasar at high Galactic latitude
QSO_SKIRT 2 ugri-selected quasar at low Galactic latitude
QSO_FIRST_CAP 3 FIRST source with stellar colors at high Galactic latitude
QSO_FIRST_SKIRT 4 FIRST source with stellar colors at low Galactic latitude
GALAXY_RED 5 Luminous Red Galaxy target (any criteria)
GALAXY 6 Main sample galaxy
GALAXY_BIG 7 Low-surface brightness main sample galaxy (mu50>23 in r-band)
GALAXY_BRIGHT_CORE 8 Galaxy targets who fail all the surface brightness selection limits but have r-band fiber magnitudes brighter than 19
ROSAT_A 9 ROSAT All-Sky Survey match, also a radio source
ROSAT_B 10 ROSAT All-Sky Survey match, have SDSS colors of AGNs or quasars
ROSAT_C 11 ROSAT All-Sky Survey match, fall in a broad intermediate category that includes stars that are bright, moderately blue, or both
ROSAT_D 12 ROSAT All-Sky Survey match, are otherwise bright enough for SDSS spectroscopy
STAR_BHB 13 blue horizontal-branch stars
STAR_CARBON 14 dwarf and giant carbon stars
STAR_BROWN_DWARF 15 brown dwarfs (note this sample is tiled)
STAR_SUB_DWARF 16 low-luminosity subdwarfs
STAR_CATY_VAR 17 cataclysmic variables
STAR_RED_DWARF 18 red dwarfs
STAR_WHITE_DWARF 19 hot white dwarfs
SERENDIP_BLUE 20 lying outside the stellar locus in color space
SERENDIP_FIRST 21 coincident with FIRST sources but fainter than the equivalent in quasar target selection (also includes non-PSF sources
SERENDIP_RED 22 lying outside the stellar locus in color space
SERENDIP_DISTANT 23 lying outside the stellar locus in color space
SERENDIP_MANUAL 24 manual serendipity flag
QSO_MAG_OUTLIER 25 Stellar outlier; too faint or too bright to be targeted
GALAXY_RED_II 26 Luminous Red Galaxy target (Cut II criteria)
ROSAT_E 27 ROSAT All-Sky Survey match, but too faint or too bright for SDSS spectroscopy
STAR_PN 28 central stars of planetary nebulae
QSO_REJECT 29 Object in explicitly excluded region of color space, therefore not targeted at QSO
SOUTHERN_SURVEY 31 Set in primtarget if this is a special program target