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SEGUE1_TARGET2: SEGUE-1 secondary target bits

Bit name Binary digit Description
REDDEN_STD 1 reddening standard star
SEGUE1_QA 1 3 QA Duplicate Observations (unused)
SKY 4 sky target
SPECTROPHOTO_STD 5 spectrophotometry standard (typically an F-star)
SEGUE1_SCIENCE 2 30 SEGUE-1 science target
SEGUE1_TEST 3 31 SEGUE-1 test target


  1. QA duplicate observations are not currently marked in SEGUE1_TARGET2 bitmasks. These are only marked in sourcetype in SpecObjAll.
  2. These objects are specific science targets, but since reddening and spectrophotometric targets were also used for SEGUE science, it is not quite as useful as it might appear. Use with caution!
  3. These objects have programname 'segtest', but not all 'segtest' plates have this bit set. Use with caution!