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SEGUE2_TARGET1: SEGUE-2 primary target bits

Bit name Binary digit Description
SEGUE2_MSTO 0 Main-sequence turnoff
SEGUE2_REDKG 1 Red K-giant stars
SEGUE2_LKG 2 K-giant star identified by l-color
SEGUE2_PMKG 3 K-giant star identified by proper motions
SEGUE2_LM 4 Low metallicity
SEGUE2_HVS 5 hyper velocity candidate
SEGUE2_XDM 6 extreme sdM star
SEGUE2_MII 7 M giant
SEGUE2_HHV 8 High-velocity halo star candidate
SEGUE2_BHB 13 Blue horizontal branch star
SEGUE2_CWD 17 Cool white dwarf
SEGUE2_CHECKED 31 was a checked object

More detailed information about the selection criteria for SEGUE-2 is available on the SEGUE Target Selection page.