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SPECIAL_TARGET1: SDSS special program target bits

Bit name Binary digit Description
APBIAS 0 aperture bias target
LOWZ_ANNIS 1 low-redshift cluster galaxy
QSO_M31 2 QSO in M31
COMMISSIONING_STAR 3 star in commissioning
DISKSTAR 4 thin/thick disk star
FSTAR 5 F-stars
HYADES_MSTAR 6 M-star in Hyades
LOWZ_GALAXY 7 low-redshift galaxy
BCG 10 brightest cluster galaxy
MSTURNOFF 11 main sequence turnoff
ORION_BD 12 Brown dwarf in Orion
ORION_MSTAR_EARLY 13 Early-type M-star (M0-3) in Orion
ORION_MSTAR_LATE 14 Late-type M-star (M4-) in Orion
SPECIAL_FILLER 15 filler from completeTile, check primtarget for details
PHOTOZ_GALAXY 16 test galaxy for photometric redshifts
PREBOSS_QSO 17 QSO for pre-BOSS observations
PREBOSS_LRG 18 QSO for pre-BOSS observations
PREMARVELS 19 pre-MARVELS stellar target
SOUTHERN_EXTENDED 20 simple extension of southern targets
SOUTHERN_COMPLETE 21 completion in south of main targets
U_PRIORITY 22 priority u-band target
U_EXTRA 23 extra u-band target
U_EXTRA2 24 extra u-band target
FAINT_LRG 25 faint LRG in south
FAINT_QSO 26 faint QSO in south
BENT_RADIO 27 bent double-lobed radio source
STRAIGHT_RADIO 28 straight double-lobed radio source
VARIABLE_HIPRI 29 high priority variable
VARIABLE_LOPRI 30 low priority variable
ALLPSF 31 i < 19.1 point sources
ALLPSF_NONSTELLAR 32 i < 19.1 point sources off stellar locus
ALLPSF_STELLAR 33 i < 19.1 point sources on stellar locus
HIPM 34 high proper motion
TAURUS_STAR 35 star on taurus or reddening plate
TAURUS_GALAXY 36 galaxy on taurus or reddening plate
PERSEUS 37 galaxy in perseus-pisces
LOWZ_LOVEDAY 38 low redshift galaxy selected by Loveday