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Spectroscopic data

SDSS-III will release full spectra and spectroscopic parameters from all the plates observed by the SDSS spectrograph in DR8. These pages describe the nature of the DR8 spectroscopic data and how to use it. In particular:

The table below gives a breakdown of the numbers of plates of various sorts included in the DR8 release. The spectroscopy was executed through several programs: SDSS Legacy, SDSS special programs, SEGUE-1, and SEGUE-2. The page on spectroscopic basics explains how we track the nature of the plates (its survey and program).

Survey Program Nplate Nok Nprimary
all all 2880 2764 2654
sdss all 2227 2126 2043
sdss legacy 1926 1869 1794
segue1 all 442 427 407
segue2 all 211 211 204

Please pay attention to the notes included here about how to check data quality and the various caveats on the data.