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SEGUE1_TARGET1: SEGUE-1 primary target bits

Bit name Binary digit Description
SEGUE1_FG 9 F and G stars, based on g-r color (0.2 < g-r < 0.48 and 14 < g < 20.2)
SEG1LOW_KG 10 low latitude selection of K-giant stars
SEG1LOW_TO 11 low latitude selection of bluetip stars
SEGUE1_MSWD 12 main-sequence, white dwarf pair
SEGUE1_BHB 13 blue horizontal branch star
SEGUE1_KG 14 K-giants (l and red)
SEGUE1_KD 15 K-dwarfs
SEGUE1_LM 16 low metallicity star
SEGUE1_CWD 17 cool white dwarf
SEGUE1_GD 18 G-dwarf
SEGUE1_WD 19 white dwarf
SEGUE1_MPMSTO 20 metal-poor main sequence turn-off
SEGUE1_BD 21 brown dwarfs
SEGUE1_SDM 22 M sub-dwarfs
SEGUE1_AGB 23 asymptotic giant branch stars
SEGUE1_MAN 24 manual selection
SEG1LOW_AGB 27 low latitude selection of AGB stars
SEGUE1_CHECKED 31 was a checked object

More detailed information about the selection criteria for SEGUE-1 is available on the SEGUE Target Selection page.