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Data Volume Table

The table below lists the sizes of the various data products in DR9. Note that the total data volume is almost 60 TB. A substantial fraction (~50%) of this is raw or intermediate data that is primarily of interest to experts. If your institution requires most or all of this data you may email us at the helpdesk to contact a data transfer expert.

The Data Volume of Data Release 9
Directory Description Size Running Total
boss/qso QSO catalog 191.37 MB 191.37 MB
boss/calib/dr8_final Photometric calibration files 1.00 GB 1.19 GB
boss/lss Large Scale Structure Catalog Files 2.16 GB 3.35 GB
boss/lya Ly-α forest sample 7.01 GB 10.36 GB
sdss/target Legacy targeting files 9.37 GB 19.73 GB
boss/photoObj/plates Matches to photometry 10.08 GB 29.81 GB
sdss/tiling Legacy tiling files 11.31 GB 41.12 GB
sdss/spectro/plates Matches to photometry 11.55 GB 52.67 GB
boss/photoObj/photoz-weight Photometric redshift distributions 12.91 GB 65.59 GB
boss/photoObj/xdqso XDQSO catalog 39.21 GB 104.80 GB
sdss/segue2/target SEGUE-2 target files 65.21 GB 170.01 GB
sdss/segue1/target SEGUE-1 targeting files 88.91 GB 258.92 GB
boss/photoObj/astromqa QA files for astrometry 93.21 GB 352.14 GB
boss/photoObj/atlasOutline Files describing image masks 133.21 GB 485.35 GB
boss/resolve/2010-05-23 Photo resolve files 225.67 GB 711.02 GB
sdss/segue2/targetAll SEGUE-2 targeting on all data 351.82 GB 1.04 TB
boss/sweeps/dr9 Photometric sweep catalog 367.49 GB 1.40 TB
sdss/sspp SSPP files 432.70 GB 1.82 TB
boss/photoObj/external Matches to other catalogs 629.88 GB 2.43 TB
sdss/spectro/data Raw SDSS spectroscopy files 1.34 TB 3.77 TB
boss/spectro/data Raw BOSS spectroscopy files 1.65 TB 5.42 TB
boss/target BOSS targeting files 2.33 TB 7.75 TB
boss/photoObj/301 Complete photometric catalog 3.40 TB 11.15 TB
boss/spectro/redux 2d & 1d BOSS spectro reductions 4.20 TB 15.35 TB
sdss/spectro/redux 2d & 1d SDSS spectro reductions 5.56 TB 20.90 TB
boss/photo/redux Photometric reductions 10.27 TB 31.18 TB
boss/photo/data Raw imaging data 11.57 TB 42.74 TB
boss/photoObj/frames Corrected frame files 15.37 TB 58.11 TB