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The large scale structure in the Universe as captured by the SDSS
SDSS distribution of local galaxies

The original Sloan Digital Sky Survey and SDSS-II have a rich scientific legacy. Discoveries made with SDSS data have included:

The American Museum of Natural History hosts a nice video overview of SDSS science accessible to the general public.

The SDSS data have been made public in a series of data releases; the most recent is the Tenth Data Release, which includes the complete SDSS/SDSS-II data. It includes links to the flat files in the Science Archive Server and to the catalogs and databases in the Catalog Archive Server.

SDSS-III builds on the legacy of the SDSS and SDSS-II to generate high-quality scientific data and to make important new discoveries. SDSS-III has been designed to maximize understanding of three scientific themes:

For a detailed description of the SDSS-III's science program, see the Project Description, available as a PDF document. Also there is a recent overview paper now published in Astronomical Journal (see also the arXiv preprint).