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SEGUE Publications and Results

Scientific publications based on SEGUE data or SDSS stellar imaging are listed below. Papers based on general SDSS data are listed here.

SEGUE Background Papers

SEGUE Science Papers

Title First Author Journal
A Short Scale Length for the α-enhanced Thick Disk of the Milky Way: Evidence from Low-latitude SEGUE Data J. Y. Cheng 2012ApJ...752...51C
The Vertical Motions of Mono-abundance Sub-populations in the Milky Way Disk J. Bovy 2012ApJ...755..115B
The Milky Way Has No Distinct Thick Disk J. Bovy 2012ApJ...751..131B
The Spatial Structure of Mono-abundance Sub-populations of the Milky Way Disk J. Bovy 2012ApJ...753..148B
The detection and treatment of distance errors in kinematic analyses of stars R. Schönrich 2012MNRAS.420.1281S
Metallicity Gradients in the Milky Way Disk as Observed by the SEGUE Survey J. Y. Cheng 2012ApJ...746..149C
Post-common envelope binaries from SDSS - XIV. The DR7 white dwarf-main-sequence binary catalogue A. Rebassa-Mansergas 2012MNRAS.419..806R
Insight into the Formation of the Milky Way through Cold Halo Substructure. III. Statistical Chemical Tagging in the Smooth Halo K. C. Schlaufman 2012ApJ...749...77S
Signatures of minor mergers in the Milky Way disc - I. The SEGUE stellar sample F. A. Gómez 2012MNRAS.423.3727G
Chemo-orbital evidence from SDSS/SEGUE G-type dwarf stars for a mixed origin of the Milky Way's thick disc C. Liu 2012MNRAS.425.2144L
Searching of New Emission-Line Stars using the Astroinformatics Approach P. Škoda 2012ASPC..461..573S
The Metallicity Distribution Functions of SEGUE G and K Dwarfs: Constraints for Disk Chemical Evolution and Formation K. J. Schlesinger 2012ApJ...761..160S
Building the Galactic halo from globular clusters: evidence from chemically unusual red giants S. L. Martell 2011A&A...534A.136M
A Survey of CN and CH Variations in Galactic Globular Clusters from Sloan Digital Sky Survey Spectroscopy J. P. Smolinski 2011AJ....142..126S
Automatic determination of stellar atmospheric parameters and construction of stellar spectral templates of the Guoshoujing Telescope (LAMOST) Y. Wu 2011RAA....11..924W
Formation and Evolution of the Disk System of the Milky Way: [α/Fe] Ratios and Kinematics of the SEGUE G-dwarf Sample Y. S. Lee 2011ApJ...738..187L
Insight into the Formation of the Milky Way through Cold Halo Substructure. II. The Elemental Abundances of ECHOS K. C. Schlaufman 2011ApJ...734...49S
Measuring Reddening with Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stellar Spectra and Recalibrating SFD E. F. Schlafly 2011ApJ...737..103S
SDSS J0926+3624: the shortest period eclipsing binary star C. M. Copperwheat 2011MNRAS.410.1113C
Rotation of halo populations in the Milky Way and M31 A. J. Deason 2011MNRAS.411.1480D
A Complete Spectroscopic Survey of the Milky Way Satellite Segue 1: The Darkest Galaxy J. D. Simon 2011ApJ...733...46S
An Artificial Neural Network approach to classify SDSS stellar spectra F. Schierscher 2011AN....332..597S
Massive unseen companions to hot faint underluminous stars from SDSS (MUCHFUSS). Analysis of seven close subdwarf B binaries S. Geier 2011A&A...526A..39G
Revisiting the Hubble sequence in the SDSS DR7 spectroscopic sample: a publicly available Bayesian automated classification M. Huertas-Company 2011A&A...525A.157H
Resolving the L/T transition binary SDSS J2052-1609 AB M. B. Stumpf 2011A&A...525A.123S
Mining SDSS in search of multiple populations in globular clusters C. Lardo 2011A&A...525A.114L
On the alleged duality of the Galactic halo R. Schönrich 2011MNRAS.415.3807S
Quantifying Kinematic Substructure in the Milky Way's Stellar Halo X.-X. Xue 2011ApJ...738...79X
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. V. Estimation of Alpha-element Abundance Ratios from Low-resolution SDSS/SEGUE Stellar Spectra Y. S. Lee 2011AJ....141...90L
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. IV. Validation with an Extended Sample of Galactic Globular and Open Clusters J. P. Smolinski 2011AJ....141...89S
Observational Evidence from SDSS for a Merger Origin of the Milky Way's Thick Disk M. Dierickx 2010ApJ...725L.186D
Faint Near-ultraviolet/Far-ultraviolet Standards from Swift/UVOT, GALEX, and SDSS Photometry M. H. Siegel 2010ApJ...725.1215S
The Milky Way Tomography with SDSS. III. Stellar Kinematics N. A. Bond 2010ApJ...716....1B
Orbital periods of cataclysmic variables identified by the SDSS. VIII. A slingshot prominence in SDSS J003941.06+005427.5? J. Southworth 2010A&A...524A..86S
Extreme Enhancements of r-process Elements in the Cool Metal-poor Main-sequence Star SDSS J2357-0052 W. Aoki 2010ApJ...723L.201A
SEGUE-2 Limits on Metal-rich Old-population Hypervelocity Stars in the Galactic Halo J. A. Kollmeier 2010ApJ...723..812K
SDSS J141624.08+134826.7: Blue L dwarfs and Non-equilibrium Chemistry M. C. Cushing 2010AJ....140.1428C
Post-common-envelope binaries from SDSS. IX: Constraining the common-envelope efficiency M. Zorotovic 2010A&A...520A..86Z
Light-element abundance variations in the Milky Way halo S. L. Martell 2010A&A...519A..14M
Binary Contamination in the SEGUE Sample: Effects on SSPP Determinations of Stellar Atmospheric Parameters K. J. Schlesinger 2010ApJ...719..996S
The Lick/SDSS Library. I. Synthetic Index Definition and Calibration M. Franchini 2010ApJ...719..240F
Transformations between the 2MASS, SDSS, and BV I photometric systems for late-type giants E. Yaz 2010AN....331..807Y
Metallicity and Kinematic Distributions of Red Horizontal-branch Stars from the SDSS Survey Y. Q. Chen 2010AJ....140..500C
The Milky Way Tomography with SDSS. III. Stellar Kinematics N. A. Bond 2010ApJ...716....1B
Mapping the Stellar Structure of the Milky Way Thick Disk and Halo Using SEGUE Photometry J. T. A. de Jong 2010ApJ...714..663D
Structure and Kinematics of the Stellar Halos and Thick Disks of the Milky Way Based on Calibration Stars from Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR7 D. Carollo 2010ApJ...712..692C
The Orbit of the Orphan Stream H. J. Newberg 2010ApJ...711...32N
Principal Component Analysis of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stellar Spectra R. C. McGurk 2010AJ....139.1261M
An Extremely Carbon-rich, Extremely Metal-poor Star in the Segue 1 System J. E. Norris 2010ApJ...722L.104N
Chemical Enrichment in the Faintest Galaxies: The Carbon and Iron Abundance Spreads in the Boötes I Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy and the Segue 1 System J. E. Norris 2010ApJ...723.1632N
A Photometric Metallicity Estimate of the Virgo Stellar Overdensity D. An 2009ApJ...707L..64A
Insight into the Formation of the Milky Way Through Cold Halo Substructure. I. The ECHOS of Milky Way Formation K. C. Schlaufman 2009ApJ...703.2177S
Kinematics of SDSS subdwarfs: structure and substructure of the Milky Way halo M. C. Smith 2009MNRAS.399.1223S
The discovery of Segue 2: a prototype of the population of satellites of satellites V. Belokurov 2009MNRAS.397.1748B
Discovery of a New, Polar-Orbiting Debris Stream in the Milky Way Stellar Halo H. J. Newberg 2009ApJ...700L..61N
Tracing Sagittarius Structure with SDSS and SEGUE Imaging and Spectroscopy B. Yanny 2009ApJ...700.1282Y
Galactic Globular and Open Clusters in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. II. Test of Theoretical Stellar Isochrones D. An 2009ApJ...700..523A
The Tilt of the Halo Velocity Ellipsoid and the Shape of the Milky Way Halo M. C. Smith 2009ApJ...698.1110S
Halo Streams in the Seventh Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release R. Klement 2009ApJ...698..865K
Old-population Hypervelocity Stars from the Galactic Center: Limits from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey J. A. Kollmeier 2009ApJ...697.1543K
A Unique Star in the Outer Halo of the Milky Way D. K. Lai 2009ApJ...697L..63L
An Orbit Fit for the Grillmair Dionatos Cold Stellar Stream B. A. Willett 2009ApJ...697..207W
The Seventh Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey K. N. Abazajian 2009ApJS..182..543A
SEGUE: A Spectroscopic Survey of 240,000 Stars with g = 14-20 B. Yanny 2009AJ....137.4377Y
The Kinematics of Late-Type Stars in the Solar Cylinder Studied with SDSS Data B. Fuchs 2009AJ....137.4149F
Galactic Globular and Open Clusters in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I. Crowded-Field Photometry and Cluster Fiducial Sequences in ugriz D. An 2008ApJS..179..326A
The Sixth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey J. K. Adelman-McCarthy 2008ApJS..175..297A
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. III. Comparison with High-Resolution Spectroscopy of SDSS/SEGUE Field Stars C. Allende Prieto 2008AJ....136.2070A
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. II. Validation with Galactic Globular and Open Clusters Y. S. Lee 2008AJ....136.2050L
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. I. Description and Comparison of Individual Methods Y. S. Lee 2008AJ....136.2022L
The Milky Way Tomography with SDSS. II. Stellar Metallicity Ž. Ivezić 2008ApJ...684..287I
The Milky Way's Circular Velocity Curve to 60 kpc and an Estimate of the Dark Matter Halo Mass from the Kinematics of ~2400 SDSS Blue Horizontal-Branch Stars X. X. Xue 2008ApJ...684.1143X
The Accretion Origin of the Milky Way's Stellar Halo E. F. Bell 2008ApJ...680..295B
The Milky Way Tomography with SDSS. I. Stellar Number Density Distribution M. Jurić 2008ApJ...673..864J
Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars. III. Main-Sequence Turnoff Stars from the SDSS SEGUE Sample W. Aoki 2008ApJ...678.1351A
The Fifth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey J. K. Adelman-McCarthy 2007ApJS..172..634A
The Overdensity in Virgo, Sagittarius Debris, and the Asymmetric Spheroid H. J. Newberg 2007ApJ...668..221N
Halo Star Streams in the Solar Neighborhood A. A. Kepley 2007AJ....134.1579K
Understanding White Dwarf Binary Evolution with White Dwarf/Main Sequence Binaries: First Results from SEGUE M. R. Schreiber 2007ASPC..372..459S
Estimation of stellar atmospheric parameters from SDSS/SEGUE spectra P. Re Fiorentin 2007A&A...467.1373R
The Hercules-Aquila Cloud V. Belokurov 2007ApJ...657L..89B
Cats and Dogs, Hair and a Hero: A Quintet of New Milky Way Companions V. Belokurov 2007ApJ...654..897B
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Standard Star Catalog for Stripe 82: The Dawn of Industrial 1% Optical Photometry Ž. Ivezić 2007AJ....134..973I
A Survey of Open Clusters in the u'g'r'i'z' Filter System. III. Results for the Cluster NGC 188 B. Fornal 2007AJ....133.1409F
A Comparison of SDSS Standard Star Catalog for Stripe 82 with Stetson's Photometric Standards Ž. Ivezić 2007ASPC..364..165I
Is Ursa Major II the progenitor of the Orphan Stream? M. Fellhauer 2007MNRAS.375.1171F
A Curious Milky Way Satellite in Ursa Major D. B. Zucker 2006ApJ...650L..41Z
A Faint New Milky Way Satellite in Bootes V. Belokurov 2006ApJ...647L.111B
The Field of Streams: Sagittarius and Its Siblings V. Belokurov 2006ApJ...642L.137B
A New Milky Way Dwarf Satellite in Canes Venatici D. B. Zucker 2006ApJ...643L.103Z
A Spectroscopic Study of the Ancient Milky Way: F- and G-Type Stars in the Third Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey C. Allende Prieto 2006ApJ...636..804A
A Comprehensive Model for the Monoceros Tidal Stream J. Peñarrubia 2005ApJ...626..128P
A New Milky Way Companion: Unusual Globular Cluster or Extreme Dwarf Satellite? B. Willman 2005AJ....129.2692W
A Survey of Open Clusters in the u'g'r'i'z' Filter System. I. Results for NGC 2548 (M48) C. J. Rider 2004AJ....127.2210R