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The SDSS-III Collaboration

The SDSS-III collaboration contains scientists from many international member institutions (including full members, associate members and members that are part of internal participation groups). The membership document (PDF) gives details of how a new institute can join the collaboration and the different levels of collaboration membership. Please use the official acknowledgement when acknowledging the SDSS-III collaboration, including member institutions and funding agencies.

The SDSS-III Collaboration Council (CoCo) is the most active forum for the discussion of SDSS-III collaboration issues and has one representative from all the full and associate institutional members (full/associate membership is defined in the PoO-III or the membership document). The CoCo is chaired by the SDSS-III Spokesperson, who is also responsible for promoting the productivity of the collaboration and science output of the surveys. More information on the CoCo membership and recent activity can be found on the internal CoCo wiki-page (password protected).

For more detailed information about the SDSS-III collaboration, and how it operates, please see the important documents below:

  1. SDSS-III Project Description (PDF),
  2. SDSS-III Principles of Operation (PoO-III; PDF),
  3. Project Execution Plan (PDF).

We also provide on the sidebar important links to the collaboration policies and the SDSS-III internal wiki-pages, which are password protected and require prior registration. To register for a wiki username and password, please follow the link "Joining the Wiki" on the left.