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SDSS-III Policies

We list here the four main collaboration policies used within the SDSS-III projects:

  1. The image use policy describes how you can use SDSS images. Non-commercial use is free with a link to and an image credit to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Commercial use is usually available on request.
  2. The publication policy that outlines how SDSS-III publications are created and organized. This is an updated version of the original SDSS-I/II policy.
  3. The procedure for requesting external collaborator status as well as discussing other external participant rules. These policies are essentially identical to the original SDSS-I/II policies, but the language updated for the SDSS-III collaboration.
  4. The policy on survey science teams and working groups within the SDSS-III project.

These documents were originally formulated and discussed within the SDSS-III Collaboration Council (CoCo), which has a representative from all the full and associate institutional partners. The CoCo is chaired by the SDSS-III Spokesperson and these policies have been ratified by the SDSS-III Advisory Council. See the SDSS-III Principles of Operation (PDF) document for more details on these matters.